Project 52 Week 2 - Dear Nathan

project 52 candice macdonnell photography

I can't believe January is half way over already. Week two didn't get blogged properly, since I needed a little break from social media. When I looked back at the photographs I took, the common denominator was Nathan. (I'm not sure where big sister was for these, but I decided to make a point to post a p52 featuring just her soon). Be sure to check out the lovely Sharleen's p52 blog and see what she's been up to.

Dear Nathan,

You are my sweet little man, who loves to color and do homework. You're four years old. Your favorite colors are yellow and green, just like mommy. We love playing Lego Jurassic World together, holding hands, and snuggling with blankets. Lately you've been asking 5748932 questions every day which is awesome- I'm so glad you're curious about the world! You love spaghetti, and have stopped eating "all three" on your ham and cheese sandwiches all of a sudden. You're such a bright star in everyones life <3


What are things you treasure right now? Memories you don't want to fade? I'd love to hear :)