Snow Cones and Seashells - The Best Type of Family Photo Session

When Lydia mentioned her son would be home for Spring break and she would love to get a photo of everyone together while they're still on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, I leapt at the opportunity. She's not only a great friend, but a kickass photographer who shares a passion for all things birth. Check out her blog and portfolio HERE.

We talked about their favorite things to do as a family, and lazy North Shore days was at the top of the list. She grabbed an acai bowl and let the kids get sugar high at Matsamoto's before heading to Kaena Point to watch killer waves and look for crabs. 

This might be my favorite slideshow yet <3

I love catching moms doing what they love to do- whether it's cooking dinner, knitting, or photographing their kids!

Being Easter weekend, it was only fitting to find a sand filled egg on the beachfront.

Crazy surf today! 

No big crabs today, but a few little ones and some pretty shells (and a skinned knee).  

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