Spring is here | Easter 2019

Spring is finally here!

One of my husband’s coworkers put together a huge picnic style potluck and egg hunt for the kiddos Easter weekend, and between the endless amounts of food, trampoline jumping, and hidden eggs I think it’s safe to say my children had a blast. It took Maddie a little while to get the concept of “keep finding eggs” instead of opening each one up, but she still managed to find a good amount. Parenting fail: we did’t think about baskets for collecting eggs, so Walmart bag to the rescue. Nora is getting a little too old for these things (her opinion, not mine) so she helped Maddie instead of searching on her own. It’s so hard watching them grow up- I swear it was just yesterday she was hunting for eggs in our little Hawaiian home (that happens to be one of my first ever videos! You can see it here: https://vimeo.com/161167601 )

I didn’t make a cute little Easter Video this year, but I did take some photos the morning of. Nora wasn’t too big to be super competitive at home with just her siblings- she definitely found the most eggs.

How did you spend your Easter weekend?

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