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What is documentary photography, anyways?

Documentary, or storytelling photography focuses on your life, your personality, and what is REAL LIFE NOW. 

It is not: posed, say cheese, styled, stressful, color coordinated, or trendy (leave the pinterest board at home)

It is: real, honest, emotional, carefully thought out, representative of your family, beautiful, meaningful, timeless. 

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Project 52 Weeks 3 & 4

Getting a little real here. I skipped a week. Life happens. Here's what happened in mine.

These last two weeks have been pretty insane. When I try to think of a word to describe them, I would say patience, sorrow, excitement, anxiety, and love top the chart. The world lost David Bowie, Alan Rickman, 12 marines in a terrible helicopter wreck, and a close friend of mine. I was extremely excited to photograph an amazing 22 hour birth. 

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Experimenting with film

I picked up an old Pentax K1000 off Ebay in August and, true to Candice style, didn't get the film developed until now. I laughed a little because I had forgotten some of the photos I took. Apparently I exposed one image 5x, and didn't wind the roll correctly in some others. All in all it's pretty neat to let go of so much control (white balance, what?) and just shoot for fun...

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