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The Cesarean Birth of Claire Kalani Rae

D. and I have been friends since before she moved to Oahu- her husband took a job and she was a little nervous about relocating her life from Cali. After sharing our love of photography, coffee, and laughing - A LOT - we worked a wedding together and I was privileged to help her announce to the world that they were expecting a little girl this March. 

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What is documentary photography, anyways?

Documentary, or storytelling photography focuses on your life, your personality, and what is REAL LIFE NOW. 

It is not: posed, say cheese, styled, stressful, color coordinated, or trendy (leave the pinterest board at home)

It is: real, honest, emotional, carefully thought out, representative of your family, beautiful, meaningful, timeless. 

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Shayla and Coty's Muddy Hike

When we brainstormed some session ideas, hiking came to mind. Shayla told me they were a fun loving, laid back couple that had recently relocated to Oahu, and wanted to have some photos that reflected their great personalities. What better way to have a photo "date" than exploring and trying not to get stuck in the mud!

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Project 52 Week 5

Week 5

Wow- goodbye January and hello February! This month I'll say goodbye to one of my best friends I've made in Hawaii, enjoy the company of two special people, and welcome three babies into the world! My daughter will turn 8, and I'll turn 24 (for the 5th time). Haha. 

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The Birth of Kinsley Jean at Queens Hospital, Honolulu Hi

I never thought I would be a birth photographer. At least, it wasn't something I had a lot of experience with, or had considered. But on January 16th, 2014 I was at my first birth and fell in love. The emotions, how real and unfiltered everything was- THIS was for me. 

One year later (exactly) I welcomed another little blessing into the world. Mom was in labor for almost two days. Her wish was to have a natural delivery - her first daughter was born via c-section after days of labor and not enough progress. She had a wonderful team and her husband was so sweet throughout, cheering her on when it got tough, and finally at 2:28 AM we got to meet the gorgeous Kinsley. 

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A "Royal" Honolulu Wedding at Hickam Beach

Shawnna's wedding was hands down FUN. Not even a little rain or a no show limo driver could mess up her day. The bridesmaids had a great time getting ready- who doesn't need a shot of Crown Royal Apple to warm up with? 

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Hiking Judd Trail

Let's be real here. My kids are GREAT. Like, super well behaved, both excel at school, and are rather quiet and un-crazy - but they're terrible at being kids. So to get their butts off the couch I decided it was time to encourage a family hike. This hasn't happened other than one very grouchy not fun sunrise hike to the Makapu'u Lighthouse. There was bribes made, dinner thrown in the crock pot, and we all piled into my Focus to head to the other side of the island.

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Photography Free-Lens Challenge

Truthfully, I was a little scared to do this challenge. Not only have my previous attempts at this wonky camera art failed, there's the risk of getting dusk or whatnot in my very pretty camera. I do love my camera. But, after some trial and error, I discovered the awesomeness of taking your perfectly good lens off the camera and floating it a few inches in front of it- surprisingly a photo still appears on the display. You have to see it to believe it. If you dare, i recommend using live view mode and a lens with a manual aperture ring.

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