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Baby Fresh - 10 Days New Documentary Newborn Oahu photographer

Sweet girl Jeselin was only 10 days new when I came to photograph her sweet little family in their home. And I'm so glad she was wide awake and curious about everything- her eyes are gorgeous! 

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Project 52 Week 10 - How Photography Helps Me Deal With Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Generalized Anxiety Disorder. GAD. Panic attacks, social anxiety, go hide in a hole syndrome. Some interesting facts from The Mayo Clinic via google:

I'm pretty sure I've had some sort of anxiety issues most of my life. I would worry over EVERYTHING ---

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Shayla and Coty's Muddy Hike

When we brainstormed some session ideas, hiking came to mind. Shayla told me they were a fun loving, laid back couple that had recently relocated to Oahu, and wanted to have some photos that reflected their great personalities. What better way to have a photo "date" than exploring and trying not to get stuck in the mud!

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Project 52 Week 5

Week 5

Wow- goodbye January and hello February! This month I'll say goodbye to one of my best friends I've made in Hawaii, enjoy the company of two special people, and welcome three babies into the world! My daughter will turn 8, and I'll turn 24 (for the 5th time). Haha. 

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The Birth of Kinsley Jean at Queens Hospital, Honolulu Hi

I never thought I would be a birth photographer. At least, it wasn't something I had a lot of experience with, or had considered. But on January 16th, 2014 I was at my first birth and fell in love. The emotions, how real and unfiltered everything was- THIS was for me. 

One year later (exactly) I welcomed another little blessing into the world. Mom was in labor for almost two days. Her wish was to have a natural delivery - her first daughter was born via c-section after days of labor and not enough progress. She had a wonderful team and her husband was so sweet throughout, cheering her on when it got tough, and finally at 2:28 AM we got to meet the gorgeous Kinsley. 

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Project 52 Weeks 3 & 4

Getting a little real here. I skipped a week. Life happens. Here's what happened in mine.

These last two weeks have been pretty insane. When I try to think of a word to describe them, I would say patience, sorrow, excitement, anxiety, and love top the chart. The world lost David Bowie, Alan Rickman, 12 marines in a terrible helicopter wreck, and a close friend of mine. I was extremely excited to photograph an amazing 22 hour birth. 

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Emma | Tripler Army Hospital Birth Story


"Before you were conveived I wanted youBefore you were born I loved you Before you were here an hour I would die for you This is the miracle of life". -Maureen Hawkins

There is nothing like the miracle of birth.  Welcome to the world little Emma!

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Experimenting with film

I picked up an old Pentax K1000 off Ebay in August and, true to Candice style, didn't get the film developed until now. I laughed a little because I had forgotten some of the photos I took. Apparently I exposed one image 5x, and didn't wind the roll correctly in some others. All in all it's pretty neat to let go of so much control (white balance, what?) and just shoot for fun...

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