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My Birth Story

Hindsight is 20/20. When I had my (2) children, I never even considered a birth photographer. I'm sure they existed, but in the area we lived in it was unheard of. Plus, at the time, I was pretty non crunchy about birth and just wanted to cook the kiddos and be done with it- no birth plans or thoughts about natural anything.

Now that it's been almost 5 years since I had my youngest, my views on a lot of things have evolved. I really really do with I had had documentation, at least for my first. If we ever decided to add another one to the line up you bet I'll have a photographer!

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What is documentary photography, anyways?

Documentary, or storytelling photography focuses on your life, your personality, and what is REAL LIFE NOW. 

It is not: posed, say cheese, styled, stressful, color coordinated, or trendy (leave the pinterest board at home)

It is: real, honest, emotional, carefully thought out, representative of your family, beautiful, meaningful, timeless. 

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Ways I Show Love - Photo Challenge 2016

We are a pretty affectionate family. There are a lot of snuggles, kisses, hugs, adoration, etc. My kids love to crawl into bed and snooze with me in the morning for a few minutes, or smother me while watching a movie. 

But when I saw this week's challenge, I thought of other ways I show love to my family (and self). Making sure teeth are brushed, homework done, healthy-ish dinners are planned also fall into this category. Setting rules and boundaries - although the kids might not like it - hopefully will help mold them into great human beings. That's my job as a parent, right?

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A Week in Black and White

A sweet friend and fellow photographer put out a challenge of shooting a week's worth of photographs in black and white. I'll start off by saying I LOVE black and white photography. And I'd probably shoot 75% of my sessions in black and white. So I was surprised at how hard I found this to be when it came to personal photographs.

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