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Ah Hui Hoi! Favorite clips from our Hawaiian (working) vacation

When we first got orders to Hawaii, I was secretly a little bummed. Coming from Florida, I was looking forward to living somewhere with seasons and snow. Plus it's super far away and expensive.

I didn't expect it to grow on me like it did! I'll always feel like Hawaii is home. It's the most beautiful place, with crystal clear teal waters, soft sand, and lots of aloha. The FOOD to die for, and there's always a gentle breeze. Getting off the airplane you immediately notice the smell of flowers everywhere. 

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P52 Week 34 - Bellows Beach, Oahu Hawaii

This week we finished up Grandma's visit with a busy schedule. Many beach visits, the USS Arizona and USS Missouri, lunch and dinner dates, a loop around the island, and a Luau. Paradise Cove has my favorite dinner show, and Grandma had a great time! Charlie got selected to be a honorary hula dancer and was such a trip.

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P52 Week 24

I don't know if I stress this enough, but I really REALLY love quiet time. This week has been very chill- other than gym and an impromptu lunch (we were waiting in the same line for Kiani's chicken, which is pretty much the best thing EVER for plate lunch) we didn't do a whole lot. Nathan did get a haircut, and a good bit of his wavy locks are gone. I've finally gotten used to it, and think it's adorable <3

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You can do what with a placenta? 3 cool things you might not have known about.

Yup. The title is correct- this post is ALL ABOUT THE PLACENTA.

So, first off. What is a placenta? I hate the term "after birth" because it's sooo much more. It's your baby's first roommate, and it's super important. From mayo clinic:

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