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Personal Photographs: Everlasting Imagery, Texas

While in Hawaii I had to take advantage of having photographs done of me and my little pineapple baby. She might not have been born there, but oh man she is everything that symbolizes my time in Hawaii (and she sure was concieved there, lol)! My friend Ariel of Everlasting Imagery was so kind to photograph the two of us at one of the few locations I never got to shoot at and always wanted to visit

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Ways I Show Love - Photo Challenge 2016

We are a pretty affectionate family. There are a lot of snuggles, kisses, hugs, adoration, etc. My kids love to crawl into bed and snooze with me in the morning for a few minutes, or smother me while watching a movie. 

But when I saw this week's challenge, I thought of other ways I show love to my family (and self). Making sure teeth are brushed, homework done, healthy-ish dinners are planned also fall into this category. Setting rules and boundaries - although the kids might not like it - hopefully will help mold them into great human beings. That's my job as a parent, right?

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Project 52 Week 1 - New Year, New Goals

Since it's a new year, I suppose a "resolution" post would be fitting. It feels super cheesy, but oh well. Maybe by blogging what I want to improve i'll be more likely to follow through on them.

Here are a few things I have wanted to start doing/working on....

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Experimenting with film

I picked up an old Pentax K1000 off Ebay in August and, true to Candice style, didn't get the film developed until now. I laughed a little because I had forgotten some of the photos I took. Apparently I exposed one image 5x, and didn't wind the roll correctly in some others. All in all it's pretty neat to let go of so much control (white balance, what?) and just shoot for fun...

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Photography Free-Lens Challenge

Truthfully, I was a little scared to do this challenge. Not only have my previous attempts at this wonky camera art failed, there's the risk of getting dusk or whatnot in my very pretty camera. I do love my camera. But, after some trial and error, I discovered the awesomeness of taking your perfectly good lens off the camera and floating it a few inches in front of it- surprisingly a photo still appears on the display. You have to see it to believe it. If you dare, i recommend using live view mode and a lens with a manual aperture ring.

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