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The Cesarean Birth of Claire Kalani Rae

D. and I have been friends since before she moved to Oahu- her husband took a job and she was a little nervous about relocating her life from Cali. After sharing our love of photography, coffee, and laughing - A LOT - we worked a wedding together and I was privileged to help her announce to the world that they were expecting a little girl this March. 

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A Week in Black and White

A sweet friend and fellow photographer put out a challenge of shooting a week's worth of photographs in black and white. I'll start off by saying I LOVE black and white photography. And I'd probably shoot 75% of my sessions in black and white. So I was surprised at how hard I found this to be when it came to personal photographs.

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Welcome Home, Friend!

I truly adore this family, who were among the first friends I met here (and have kept me sane). I also LOVE homecomings, so when I was asked to document this very special moment of their reunion after months apart I was over the moon. Their older daughter was SO EXCITED to finally hug daddy again- she couldn't wait, even though it was 4 am.

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