The Birth of Raelyn Brittanee

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Written by mom, Jessica. <3 

I anxiously awaited July 6th, because my doctor had told me I would be induced that day after my appointment with him. I prepared myself for a week for that day, I was so nervous to go through labor this time! Off I went to my appointment, and he told me the hospital was to capacity and I could not be induced. So, I opted to have my membranes striped in hopes I would go into labor on my own, and scheduled an appointment on Saturday. My doctor had high hopes I would not be pregnant by Saturday.

Well, he was totally right! At around 5:30-6 that same night, I started having regular contractions, but I didn't pay any attention since they weren't painful, and thought it was because I just had my membranes stripped. By 10ish that that night still having contractions I figured maybe I should call my doctor. I tend to have pretty fast labors, so he told me to go right in. Was hooked up and watched for a couple hours, and then they decided to admit me since I was progressing.

Contractions still were not painful through out the night. I finally was able to sleep around 4am and when I woke up at 7 I had realized my contractions pretty much stopped! Shortly after I was started on pitocin since I was too far along to get sent home, and my doctor broke my water. I pushed for about 45min and we welcomed our sweet and perfect Raelyn on July 7th @10:46! We are so in love with her!