The Birth Story of Simone

When I first met Jessica and Mikel I could tell just how excited they were to add a little one to their family. Recently relocated from New York City, this artistic couple was wanting to document the birth of their child. I love that they found me after searching for documentary photography.

I was headed to the gym on a Thursday morning when I got the call that Jessica had been laboring quietly at home for a few hours, and her contractions had become regular. I got everything ready to go, and waited for the call. Around 6 PM everything had picked up and they were headed to Queen's Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii.

When I arrived, Jessica was surrounded by so much love. Mikel helped her through each and every contraction, with Doula Katja coaching them both along the way. Jessica's mom was there to help in any way needed, and the other soon-to-be grandparents waited anxiously in the lobby for any news. You could feel the energy in that hospital room!

Jessica labored through the night, and the next morning baby was finally ready. At 11:50 AM they got to meet their sweet little girl! Congratulations, Simone is absolutely gorgeous.

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