The Cesarean Birth of Claire Kalani Rae

Virginia Birth Photographer

D. and I have been friends since before she moved to Oahu- her husband took a job and she was a little nervous about relocating her life from Cali. After sharing our love of photography, coffee, and laughing - A LOT - we worked a wedding together and I was privileged to help her announce to the world that they were expecting a little girl this March. 

Claire is extra special - she has not only one big brother to watch out for her here, but also another brother in heaven looking down on her. <3

Aloha, sweet rainbow baby!

From D (melt my heart- bring on the feels!)

When I learned that we were going to be moving to Oahu I was doing all I could to prepare myself. I went to Instagram to find photos. To somehow talk myself into the reality of moving to a tropical island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I found a few local photographers and started following their work. Imagine my surprise when one of them requested to follow me back!! Ekk!! That's how I met Candice. I adored her work. How cool is it that she wanted to follow me!! We quickly struck up conversation and found we had a lot in common. For the first time I was excited about our move. I was excited to meet another creative person. I was excited to have a connection before we even touched down. 

The Lord has always put people in my path just as I have needed them. She has made a very hard transition much easier on me. Candice is a incredible friend and very talented photographer. She has documented my entire pregnancy with my rainbow baby. When she asked if she could photograph the birth I was shocked. I mean honestly I was ecstatic but I didn't know what to say. We barely knew one another. Giving birth is very personal. I was shocked that she wanted to! Ha! Well as it turns out, this is her passion.  She will forever be a part of my daughters life. I cannot repay her for capturing one of the most important moments in my life - the birth of my daughter.  Thank you. 

If you've ever wondered about having a photographer document your birth, I hope this video helps you make up your mind. It's so worth it.

These are some of the sweetest words I've ever read <3 Thank you for letting me be a part of this AMAZING birth story!

See below for some featured photographs and fusion video from this sweet birth. 


Thanks for taking a second to relive this moment with me! Have you been considering a birth photographer? What questions do you have? Drop me a line to chat about life, birth, family - whatever!

xoxo, Candice