Ways I Show Love - Photo Challenge 2016

ways I show love photography challenge

We are a pretty affectionate family. There are a lot of snuggles, kisses, hugs, adoration, etc. My kids love to crawl into bed and snooze with me in the morning for a few minutes, or smother me while watching a movie. 

But when I saw this week's challenge, I thought of other ways I show love to my family (and self). Making sure teeth are brushed, homework done, healthy-ish dinners are planned also fall into this category. Setting rules and boundaries - although the kids might not like it - hopefully will help mold them into great human beings. That's my job as a parent, right?

In the same breath, letting my kids stay up a little late occasionally, skip a bath (or two), and holding my tongue when they drive me UP THE WALL is also a way I can show love. I've been trying to be more understanding and talk through problems rather than quickly become angry and doll out punishment. I've became more relaxed about letting my kids be messy (nail polish fears) and am content when homework gets finished and kids are inside when the streetlights come on. 

I try to show love for my husband by supporting all the hard work he does, and not taking my stress out on him. When he is away for training, I try (key word there) not to rant about how tough things are, because even though I forget sometimes, I know he is missing us just as much as we miss him, and sleeping on the ground in a tiny tend and sharing a port-a-potty with 50 other people just isn't much fun. I'm not much of a Suzie Homemaker. I dislike cooking and still have yet to really use that sewing machine I begged for 3 years ago, but I attempt to be a good wife and take care of the home-front so he can relax. 

For myself, it means putting aside time for reading, playing games, fun photography, following my passions, and occasionally turning off my camera. There are days when I need a break. Those days help me rejuvenate. January was an extremely tough month, but also completely amazing. <3

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