Hamilton | Military Homecoming - Photos and Video

military homecoming fort leonard wood photographer

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Deployments, ever since my husband first swore his oath, have always given me mega feels. Fear, worry, pride, awe. During our stay in Hawaii, we were lucky to never experience one, but I was able to find an organization called Welcome Them Home that provides free homecoming photography to spouses. I instantly signed up as a photographer- I knew that when it was our turn to face a deployment, I'd definitely want to be in the moment and focused only on my family and our reunion. 

We've since moved to Missouri, but Welcome Them Home operates in all 50 states, so I had a few spouses reach out to me this summer to tentatively plan their homecomings. Shortly after I "booked" Christina, we got the news my husband was deploying. In 6 weeks. All I can say is it hit me VERY hard, and there are days we eat pickles and peanut butter toast for dinner and underwear seem to all have disappeared from my house. 

army deployment homecoming photography fort leonard wood missouri

I think Christina summed it up really well with this:

The last six months sucked. I mean, I enjoyed every second watching my littles grow. I enjoyed being back in Michigan, surrounded by our family and friends. So many good things happened while my husband was gone, but he was gone. Half of me was always somewhere else. Now that he is home again, it all feels like a bad dream, like it never happened. Our hearts are so full and we are so happy.

In addition to getting her husband back, they were also awarded with a sweet $1000 technology makeover to with Verizon Wireless, courtesy of The Mediocre Mommy! How SWEET is that?