What is documentary photography, anyways?

what is documentary photography

Documentary, or storytelling photography focuses on your life, your personality, and what is REAL LIFE NOW. 

It is not: posed, say cheese, styled, stressful, color coordinated, or trendy (leave the pinterest board at home)

It is: real, honest, emotional, carefully thought out, representative of your family, beautiful, meaningful, timeless. 

Some of my favorite photographs are in a large plastic bin, and were the "trow aways" that didn't make my parents' family albums. I can spend all day looking at the perm my mom rocked in the 90's, my dad when he was a young man, and how tiny and cute my sister was. Even the embarrassing moments (why did I think it was cool to act like a dolphin in the blow up pool?) are great to show MY kids, and share a giggle. It's funny to show them I did the same silly things they do!

While birth, homecomings and weddings are more or less automatically documentary sessions, family and motherhood also make wonderful stories!

My goal is to create a treasured album for you to enjoy for decades, and pass down to your grandkids one day. How awesome will it be for them to see their dad as a small child playing Uno with a doting mom and dad? Or reminisce about the home they grew up in? Even better, to be able to look back on their birth story and see your reaction upon their arrival into this world <3

Most people don't live a magazine-perfect life- but while "pretty photos" are great, they don't really tell anyone about YOU and your FAMILY. Wouldn't a candid album that really displays the great interactions, love and affection your family has be such an invaluable investment? 

After some really deep soul searching, I decided that I wanted to create art that spoke to my soul. I want to give you what I treasure the most. You won't find anymore photos on my website and social media that are not representative of my brand and ideology, but I hope you enjoy all of the stories I have to tell (for clients or myself!).



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