Wiebe | Military Homecoming - Photos and Video

By now, ya’ll know I’m a sucker for homecomings. Being away from your loved ones is SO HARD on all parties involved. This time around, it seemed ALL my friends were finally getting their spouses back. I also think every photographer in the area was booked for this one-the 504th deployment was massive.

While waiting for the soldiers to arrive, I followed around a handsome little dude who loved playing hide and seek with me, a fearless toddler and hung out with mom and a fellow photographer (who was photographing her best friend’s homecoming).

Thankfully for all involved, this redeployment went off without a hitch, and after a very short ceremony it seemed like hundreds of families were reunited. I was in the midst of a thousand hugs and happy tears. Military life isn’t always easy, but the good parts are AMAZING.

Do you have a family member in the service? Please thank them for serving our country from me!