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I picked up my camera after a long hiatus in 2013, wanting to document my children as they were quickly growing. This eventually evolved into a passion to authentically document other families as genuine as possible, focusing on emotion, details, and love instead of a perfectly posed portrait. Say goodbye to “cheese” and let’s create fine art, real life photographs for your family that will last for generations.

In five.. ten.. twenty years…

What do you want to remember about your life right now? Is it the silly smile of a young child missing teeth? Perhaps the way your toddler furrows his brow while building towers with his blocks? The way your teenagers flip into the pool during summer vacation? The list is endless. I love coming along on day trips and mini vacations just as much as hanging around on a lazy Sunday morning.

No matching outfits or bribery required. Husband approved Photoshoots.

North Virginia Lifestyle Family Photography

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Candice MacDonnell Photography is currently serving the Fort Leonard Wood, Waynesville, St. Robert area, but will travel to Springfield, St. Louis, Lebanon, Rolla, Dixon, and Richland Missouri.


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